Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Just a quick one

Evening all, just popped in to say thanks to Jo/Trimgym as she's been dishing out the awards that she has been amassing recently and she's given one to me.

As usual my head ain't on straight at the moment so I'll sleep on this tonight and I'll do my very best to give this out tomorrow - but don't hold me to it!!!

Take care everyone and I'll catch you soon.

Sam x
Okay tomorrow here and here is the first lucky recipient
Please do go and check out his blog - it really does have the most gorgeous, cute, sweet, lovable, mischievious cartoon artwork I have ever seen - I love this blog, GO NOW!!!!
Okay thats one down - 4 to go. NAH .... I'll do it tomorrow heheehe.
Sam x
Okay here's the rest of them
Okay then thats these ones done - onto the others that need to be given out now.
Sam x

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