Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Oh dear

I've been well and truly bitten by yet another crafty bug.... this time it's decorating candles.

I just had to make another one this evening as I enjoyed it sooooooo much yesterday.

I'm a little disappointed with this one though as for some reason the embossing powder was coming off as I was unwrapping it from the greaseproof. Just as well I put 3 of the same image on it at least that way I could take a photo of the best one.

Well must get back to making some roundies or we'll never achieve the world domination that I promised Andrea.

Thanks for having a look and for reading the garblings of a madwoman(as my hubby would say).

Take care all


  1. I like it,
    Is it a fiddly thing to do?
    I wouldnt know where to start,
    look forward to seeing more,

  2. The cutting out of your image is the most fiddly part of it, as tissue paper by it's very being is not the easiest type to cut exactly where you want it as it's so flimsy. Another reason why I chose this stamp this time because of the straight edges on it.
    Sam x

  3. Nice tutorial needed Sam

    Great item never tried this!

    Liz x

  4. Yes they are great aren't they? I even considered getting some small candles and put a cute small stamp on each of them with the greeting of 'Thank you for coming to my party' as an alternative party bag after my daughter's birthday party. Small candles were rather expensive though and not enough time to do them. Catching addiction!


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