Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happier now

I'm a little happier with my blog page now that I've got some prettyness on it,think I'll have a look about for a different clock though as it's not really me.

Had a text from my girls this morning wishing me a Happy Mothers Day,must find the cards that I've made or I'll have two very upset mums on my case.

I might have a play and see if I can upload anything

- oh look at that.....I've got a picture.The green one is my mums card.

Now then lets see if I can get my mum-in-laws up too - yay, look at that.Both of them together.

I'll try and set off my photos a little better for future uploads,haven't really bothered before as they've only been going onto my Trimcraft gallery.

Okay I'd better go for now as I have to go shopping.The husband wants Xbox credits for new maps or something like that,I just want food for the weeks pack-ups.

Ta-ra for now

Love and hugs


  1. gorgeous cards,thankyou for the comment,have a nice mothers day as well

  2. Hi Sam, Welcome to blogland. I am not very good at it either, looks as if you are better than me already. I can't get my text to go where i want Added myself as a follower.Great cards! Hugs, Mayxx

  3. Hi Sam, good for you starting your own blog, I have thought about it but dont have a clue where to start, so will stick with the blog on Trimcraft..I can handle that ! Your blog is looking good, I like your cards and the cheeky quote section :) Carry on blogging ! Love Anne xx

  4. Hi Sam,

    You are getting quite good at it now I think. Well done. Lovely cards as well.




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