Monday, 22 August 2011

For babies and grownups too....

No I haven't made the same item for each, although I have thought about it, but the thought of the amount of yarn I'd need sort of steered me away from it.
I have been a busy bunny once again, I just can't put these crochet hooks down for more than a sleep! I've seen so much baby stuff around (and so many babies and bumps) I thought, "I'd better jump on this train and see where it takes me", and I got an email from one of the free crochet pattern sites the same day (fate eh) and there was this gorgeous little baby cocoon (I call them cuddle cozies) so I of course headed off in that direction and started the pattern. Then I got stuck, something wasn't quite right, or I'm not reading it right, so I took the basics of working in the round and their tension gauge and came up with this....

I've also now made another in a pinkish colourway, but that has come up a lot smaller so there's a good chance it's going to be donated to PreemiesUK once I've made up some more bits.

My second item - the one for the grownups - is this supersoft and fluffy scarf. If this doesn't chase away any winter blues this year, then nothing will. It's guaranteed not to come undone as long as you've threaded it through the special slit that is in it. So none of that wind will get down your neck and give you the chills.

Hope you like my little bits that I'm sharing with you today - and if anyone else is having trouble posting comments, I'd like to hear about it please. My friend contacted me saying it was very slow and was having problems, I've checked all my settings but they all seem fine :( so I'm a little lost as to why she's having probs, but if anyone else is having troubles too then I'll delve into it a little deeper if I can.
Catch you all later
Sam x

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  1. gorgeous crotchet work - i do have troubles in leaving comments but this is blogger and googles fault. Nothing to do with your blog. It is a general thing. sometimes it is fast. sometimes it is slow. and it also depends on what time of the day you viist the blogs


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