Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Ahhhh! Aint he cute!?

Bless - our big pup Bob is now wearing his new bandana that I made for him....and he's still not even tried to chew at it!!

I think I could have made it a lot better, but me being me, I had to rush in and not really think it through properly. All I did was draw our Union flag on a note pad in the right colours and then set the pinking shears to work. It does have the look I was sort of after, but I do wish now that I'd put better edges on it - maybe even tried ironing where I wanted it to fold first, but hey I had fun and thats what it's all about now isn't it.
After making Bobs bandana I was feeling a tad patriotic so I made this little ACEO (now remember these are essentially ATCs that are sold instead of traded) out of the same batch of material that I had for the bandana, although I did use the other blue material as I prefered it to the gingham.

And lastly but by no means least is this little thing. It's a little pouch for hubbys air gun that he doesn't scare the birds with his stealth like approach going "chang, chang, rattle" as they would in the tins they come in. Now instead they just see him and torment him by flying away at the last minute hehehehehe.

Anyway, the main thing is it does work and I'm pleased with it, in fact I'm very pleased with all of these pieces and I think I'm going to toddle off and make something else.
Catch you all later
Sam x

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