Wednesday, 14 April 2010

WOYWW quicky

Arghhhh! Where does the time go? It's Wednesday already and you will see most of the same stuff on my table as what was there last week! There are 2 new additions tough and they are the upside down ones. They will be revealed a little later along with something else......

Anyway I'm hoping to get Stitchys Attitude made up later on as well, but this is now and this is or was my desk earlier today. I've even made some more mess since then as I've completed the 2 upside down beauties and had to root around everywhere to find stuff, (I mean in my drawers on the table as that got all my little odds and ends in).
Oh just so you all know - the tall grey thing is my OTT-LITE folding portable lamp...not that it goes anywhere but hey ho it helps me craft in the evenings.
Right I'm off to take my dogs for a walk as my daughter is sitting here pouting coz she wants to go. Do they not realise crafting is a matter of life or death??!!
Anyway, I'll be back later with my reveals so til then ta-ra. Oh and I hope you'll join us at WOYWW aka the stamping ground.


  1. What a busy space you have. Would love to come to play :-)
    A x

  2. Ooh, interesting upside down images...will have to come back later now!! Still got the list atached to the draw front - is it helping or is it making you panic?!!

  3. wow that is a busy desk - so fun xxx

  4. wellllll....I've got one of those images...but out of camera shot! and I might be tidier this week!

  5. OOh Sam - you have been rather busy haven't you... you need to educate your DD about crafting - its more serious than life or death... LOL - its probably the best therapy in the world too...

    hope you're not too tired to craft when you've had your doggy walk,.

    Paula x x x

  6. Your desk looks extremely busy how wonderful. The images are great xx

  7. lucky you to have such a lamp

  8. Keeping us in suspense....I'll be back!!

  9. Hiya Sam,

    your desk is so full of stuff!!! lol, like me most days I work in a tiny little area the rest covered lol


  10. This is a dizzying site to behold. Lots of activity on your desk.

    Sorry I'm so late visiting, and on my first ever WOYWW. Unexpected company interrupted my computer time today. I forgot to mention, I couldn't live without an OTT light.

  11. would love a root in those drawers, they look like they are full of interesting goodies!

  12. Such a busy but productive desk Sam, and yes, crafting is life and death. Husbands don't realise this either!


  13. Ah i see your another member of the push it back make a space club.. wish i could be more free but i get to a point where i just have to start putting stuff away tidy lol

  14. Your images came our really great. sorry it is taking me a few days to make the rounds. I'm ready to just sign everyone's wall this week with "Cher was here!", just to get through. I keep spending so much time looking that I can't get to them all in a day. :-)

  15. What a busy week this week! So much fun!!!


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