Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hehehehe the big reveal

Two things - one I've gone and started another blog Sams Saucy Shack and the only thing you will find on there is my creations made from linework by Stitchy of the lovely and talented Barbara Jensen. They will be coming on here too but I'll save the close up pics for the Saucy Shack. Now then these two cards are basically finished barring a sentiment but I figured as they will be going into my store soon, I'll leave them as is and then they can be for whatever the person who buys them wants them for - I'll do that when they tell me what they require hehehe.
Anyway this is Stitchys brand new stamp, " Dark Angel" which you can buy from the store.

Hope you like these cards.
Take care now
Sam x


  1. She's gorgeous babe, I really love her black and red, very nice...yeah I would wait for the sentiment too can never tell what one likes...thanks for doing this, I already snagged them and gonna put up in the gallery...

    love's ya
    stitch xoxox

  2. They're gorgeous Sam - just had to have a look after your sneakys earlier
    hugs hun

  3. What great coloring...Both cards! Very sassy...

  4. Hi Sam shes lovely aint she really nice u and ur saucy I will be keeping a close eye on this one guess James will be too

    liz xx

  5. oh this is brill hun love it great colurs you have used too hugs cheryl xxxxx

  6. Fabulous Sam, great colours on image to chum, will have a look at your saucy blog too hugs
    Sarah xx


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