Thursday, 19 May 2011

Wedding stuff

Sorry I didnt get back here when I promised. Things aren't going so well for us at this end unfortunately, so I keep getting a little preoccupied with other stuff. But nevermind about that now, as I want to show and tell about my gorgeous cousins wedding day.

This is my beautiful cousin Jenny and her lovely fella Rafe outside the church and having their first dance together. I don't mind saying that I was in tears at this moment, so it's a good bet that my uncle Geoff was the same.

And these are the Order of Service that I was mean to you all about and wouldn't show you last week. I used one of my newer toys (the hot foil pen thingy) to do their names and when I get a chance there will be another new range appearing in my website and Folksy shops using this new gadget.

On another note I have finished jiggling around with my website and it is now good to go. I will be adding more photographs of items that I have made so that anyone can order them in their own choice of colours and material. I've not done it as "click and buy" purely to give everyone the choice of what they would like it made out of (cotton, acrylic, wool, cashmere, mohair etc etc) and the colour that they would like. That way it saves me time in a way, by not trying to do it in all mediums so that I have them ready to go. It may take me a little while to get the material in but so far everything that I have ordered, has taken no longer than a couple of days to get to me. In the mean time, I'm still working on new projects, some which will show themselves shortly and others that will be along a bit later. Yes I am teasing you I know, but I do have to try and keep you interested :-)
Anyway that's me done for tonight as I want to get on with some of the said "new projects". Have a lovely evening all and nighty night ♥
Sam x

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  1. hope things get better, and they make a beautiful couple


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