Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Crochet patchwork experiment

Well, I was experimenting with this. It looks really good if you squint, but I'm not happy with it in all honesty.
1, I can see one of my sewing stitches at the bottom and 2, it looks a bit squiffy. Thinking that maybe I should do it as a base in white and then 2 red strips sewn over the top.
What do you think?
I'll let you mull that over for a while, when you've thought about it, maybe you could let me know :-)
Take care now
Yammas ♥

Monday, 22 August 2011

For babies and grownups too....

No I haven't made the same item for each, although I have thought about it, but the thought of the amount of yarn I'd need sort of steered me away from it.
I have been a busy bunny once again, I just can't put these crochet hooks down for more than a sleep! I've seen so much baby stuff around (and so many babies and bumps) I thought, "I'd better jump on this train and see where it takes me", and I got an email from one of the free crochet pattern sites the same day (fate eh) and there was this gorgeous little baby cocoon (I call them cuddle cozies) so I of course headed off in that direction and started the pattern. Then I got stuck, something wasn't quite right, or I'm not reading it right, so I took the basics of working in the round and their tension gauge and came up with this....

I've also now made another in a pinkish colourway, but that has come up a lot smaller so there's a good chance it's going to be donated to PreemiesUK once I've made up some more bits.

My second item - the one for the grownups - is this supersoft and fluffy scarf. If this doesn't chase away any winter blues this year, then nothing will. It's guaranteed not to come undone as long as you've threaded it through the special slit that is in it. So none of that wind will get down your neck and give you the chills.

Hope you like my little bits that I'm sharing with you today - and if anyone else is having trouble posting comments, I'd like to hear about it please. My friend contacted me saying it was very slow and was having problems, I've checked all my settings but they all seem fine :( so I'm a little lost as to why she's having probs, but if anyone else is having troubles too then I'll delve into it a little deeper if I can.
Catch you all later
Sam x

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sorry for the absence

I've been a little pre-occupied with making stuff the last couple of weeks and keep forgetting to put pics up. I've also been re-vamping my website Yammas Cards and Crafts so I've not just been sitting on my hands...although I could do with doing that right now as they are a little cold.
I have so much to share with you, starting with the cards that I was making for the card order. I'm very pleased to say that the customer was very pleased with them and Royal Mail got them to her the very next day - baring in mind I didn't post them until the late afternoon, I was very impressed.

Next I have a couple of smart fone covers/cosies that are available from my website Yammas Cards and Crafts and both my Folksy ( ) and Etsy ( ) stores.

Not sure if I shared these with you or not. These are my Fimo double leaf danglers - earrings to be more precise.

I enjoyed making these and while I was at it I made this little chap too.

Ooooo don't think I showed this beast to you. This is a new crochet stitch I've learnt recently called crocodile stitch or dragon scale stitch. I loved it so much I jumped in and made a handbag/shoulder bag complete with lining, so the sewing machine is happy once again.

I'm very proud of this beasty.
Oh well, that's all I can remember for the moment, but I'll be back soon with some new pieces as I'm working on hundreds - well what seems like hundreds anyway - of new items.
Catch you soon
Sam x

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


And I'm back again! I didn't get my table tidied up in the end last week so it's even more of a mess today. I have 2 cards for an order (yes an order whoopee!!) that will be going out of the door on Friday when the young lady pays me. I've just got to finish off the inserts today and they are done. Basically there's all sorts of stuff on my table from the ACEO I made yesterday, you'll see my glue gun in the bottom corner as I used that yesterday to give my daughters broken watch a new lease of life (previous post if you want to see). I've also given you a couple of shots of all my rubbish on the set of shelves in front of me on the table. The rest of my stuff is hiding behind me - might give you a piccy of that next week.

In case you are wondering what I am rambling on about, it's this little cult blogging experience known as WOYWW (Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday) and it's hosted by the ever chatty Julia of The Stamping Ground, so if you enjoyed snooping around my mess, there's an awful lot more of them over there ... although some of them are a lot tidier than mine.
Catch you later
Sam x

I'll be putting pics up of the two cards on my table at this moment later on today when I've finished them.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A couple of bits to show you quickly tonight

And tomorrow I'll have a couple of cards to show you too, but on with the bits I have for you tonight.
Well today I dug out my hot glue gun as I felt it needed a little bit of loving - I haven't used it since I left Jem Packaging a couple of years ago! Now I hear you say, what on earth did you need to use that for, they're evil and burn you at the earliest possibility. This normally is very true, but she was on her best behaviour today, maybe because I let her out of her box and gave her a new glue stick...who knows, but I didn't get burnt or get glue all over myself. Anyway I digress, the reason I got her out was to customise my daughters watch and give it a new lease of life. The strap had broken on it so she couldn't use it unless she was wearing something with pockets so I had a thought, "I'll turn it into a nurses fob watch!" So I dug out so pink ribbon and a brooch back and wrapped and stuck it all together. Then I glued some fabric flowers on it and a rescued gem (from an old item of clothing) and I ended up with this....

I'm very pleased with it and so is my daughter. Might see if I can get some watch faces on their own from the jewellery section and make a few to pop in my Folksy and Etsy stores ... and my webby too!

Secondly is a new ACEO that I made today. I think it's pretty self explanitary on what I have done here but I'll tell you anyway. I've stamped onto mirriboard with Staz-on, then stamped a rose onto some arty farty paper and trimmed as close as I could so I left a border around it. Then I colour tinted it with my whisper pens, stuck it to the mirriboard and wrapped some string around it lengthways. Lastly I stamped L♥VE onto some shrink plastic and then stuck that down the top right hand side of the card and voila ... my Love Rose ACEO.

Right thats me for the night and it's Wednesday tomorrow and that means WOYWW and you get to see the aftermath of all my fun today lol
Ta-ra for now
Sam x

Sunday, 31 July 2011

And the winner is......

 which works out to ........ HEATHER LEAL!!!! Well done hun, all you need to do now is contact me on with you address details and I will get it out to you tomorrow morning.
Oh in case you had all forgotten what it was it was for these

Hope you like them Heather
Sam x

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Cheesed off today

I made the mistake of weighing myself this morning, BIG mistake! Somehow, I've managed to put weight on this last week even though I've been watching what I eat. I'll be eating dinner off sideplates at this rate and drinking nothing but water.
Oh well I'm gonna have a day off from worrying about it today and get back on the horse tomorrow (even though at this moment I think I'm possibly riding a dead one) and I'm going to have a card making session in my craft room today. Not sure what I'll make yet but hey, I'm all up for spontanaity. Anyway hopefully I'll have some pics for you tomorrow or Monday of said card making session...oh and a crcoheted baby blanket that I just need to sew in some ends on.
Take care and enjoy your weekend
Sam x